Thursday, November 20, 2008

Check out these great Shops!

Buy Handmade! Buy Handmade!
Check out these fun and funky jewelry for all ages... magnets, mirrors and jewelry with beautiful artwork pampering bath products and aromatherapy gorgeous handmade cards for all occassions Handmade rubber stamps from original artwork

Monday, November 17, 2008

Shop of the Day!

As part of the The Great Marketing Exchange on Etsy, I am featuring a shop of the day here on the blog to promote other Etsy sellers. Today's shop is they have lovely jewelry, modern and elegant, take a look you will probably stay awhile!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pamper Yourself!

You must check out because unique is greally what they are! Many people sell body and bath products but at Unique Garden the go a step further to offer special products for unique skin types, moisturizing masks, room sprays and so much more!

Christmas is Coming...

and you had better start (or finish) your shopping! Visit and for some wonderful gift ideas. At Mary Zoom's you will find some wonderful handfelted pieces and my personal favorites, upcycled artist smocks mad from thrifted linens. At Threaded goodness you will find hand crochet goodies with a modern twist, from handwarmers to soft baby blankets you will find it here!

Bada Bing.....Bling Bling!

Love the Bling? Then you must check out for great vintage jewelry finds!

Hand Painted Clothing..

For lovely and realistic handpainted clothing, jump on over to etsy and visit

Monday, November 10, 2008

Got Charms???

Well if you are looking for real sterling silver charms you have got to check out , our shop of the day! They have detailed 3 dimentional charms from baby carriages to christmas trees, check out these charms and get inspired!

Featured Shop of the Day!

I am going to be featuring a new shop of the day to help promote other etsy sellers!
Our very first Shop of the Day is.....! Amazing works in acrylics, oils and watercolors. Check out the depth of color and they haunting eyes in many of the the wonderful paintings!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

New Inventory!

I have been adding new inventory to my shop as fast as my little fingers can fly, and as much as the little monkeys will let me! I still have so much more to add and more on the way!
What is new??? Well I will tell glitters, the most gorgeous and amazingly sparkly glass glitters. They are imported from germany, an old glass foundry still makes these wonderful quality glitters the old fashioned way. They are made from crushed "mercury glass" and contain real silver so they will tarnish to that fantastic aged antique patina that we all love so much. I have many colors available and will be adding more later, right now, two shades of pink, two shades of red, icy blue, silver, and green are all in and fully stocked. What else is new?? Flowers , flowers, and more flowers!!! I have the most wonderful millinery style flowers in glorious velvets. The pretty rhinestone center flowers are so delicate and vintage looking and come in 4 colors, and the velvet pleated flowers now come in 10 fantastic colors and I have them all listed in the shop!!! Not to mention the wool felt flowers, the paper flowers and the distressed foam flowers I have not had a chance to even add to the shop yet! Could you stand any more???? How about vintage french book pages? Oh yes I picked up a fair quanity of old french books and have made the most wonderful little packets out of those lovely old pages. I will be back soon to tell you about the new ribbons, laces, and trims, some will be regular store stock but some are great vintage finds and you will have to get them quick!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Stir Crazy...

When there is nothing to do, the children will find something to keep them busy. Sometimes it is enough to drive you crazy, or some times it is just plain crazy........
Emerson, showing the remains of warm chocolate chip cookies, stolen from the counter, and some neon pink swim goggle she dug up somewhere...

Fire, Fire, Fire...

It has been a busy couple of weeks with the wildfire situation here in Northern California! Hubby has been on Emergency call out (with the Sheriff's Dept.) for the last 29 days, which means no days of, no vacations and minimum of 12 hr shifts. They finally lifted the order last night! That means the fires are finally coming under control, the community has been amazingly supportive, but still so many people have lost their homes. It is just terrible to see the photos and video of the devastation. We are so lucky in our little mountain community, we were spared the fire being close, and the evacuations so many of our neighbors went thru. There is still soot and ash everywhere, and today I finally see a small patch of blue sky thru the smoke! The girls (ages 2&4) have been great, but it has been hard with daddy gone so much, either not seeing them at all or getting home just in time for a kiss goodnight. They miss the wrestling, and outdoor fun. The air quality has been in the high hazardous, so we have been spending our time indoors at home, and thank god for Kid's Park! I am sad to say that they did not want to leave there yesterday to come home with me, but I am trying not to take it too personally as it is the only place they have had to climb and run and play with other kids since the fires started.