Monday, July 14, 2008

Fire, Fire, Fire...

It has been a busy couple of weeks with the wildfire situation here in Northern California! Hubby has been on Emergency call out (with the Sheriff's Dept.) for the last 29 days, which means no days of, no vacations and minimum of 12 hr shifts. They finally lifted the order last night! That means the fires are finally coming under control, the community has been amazingly supportive, but still so many people have lost their homes. It is just terrible to see the photos and video of the devastation. We are so lucky in our little mountain community, we were spared the fire being close, and the evacuations so many of our neighbors went thru. There is still soot and ash everywhere, and today I finally see a small patch of blue sky thru the smoke! The girls (ages 2&4) have been great, but it has been hard with daddy gone so much, either not seeing them at all or getting home just in time for a kiss goodnight. They miss the wrestling, and outdoor fun. The air quality has been in the high hazardous, so we have been spending our time indoors at home, and thank god for Kid's Park! I am sad to say that they did not want to leave there yesterday to come home with me, but I am trying not to take it too personally as it is the only place they have had to climb and run and play with other kids since the fires started.

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