Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bebe K Studio

I just love it when my customers send me pictures of what they have made using the lovely ribbons they purchase from my shop ( When I am out and about on my buying trips, I love to find pretties, things that speak to me, and usually I can think of a few ideas for projects of my own. I sit here every day, cutting, packaging and shipping out people's orders, and I am often delightedly surprised. Sometimes by their color combinations....things I would never put together, but as I sit and cut their order, I think how lovely they look together, and wonder what the finished product is going to, jewelry, aprons, scrapbooking, altered books....And sometimes when I am lucky, I get to actually see, and today I thought I would share.

Kelsey from Bebe K Studio...Unique hats, headbands and photo props (, contacted me with the above photo. She gave me the address of her facebook page  and I popped over to take a look, and was delighted to read the description of this sweet delicate headband. It is so dainty, yet she used at least 3 different ribbons from my shop. Can't you just see this gracing the tiny bald head of a wee one? Tugs on my mommy strings to think about it! I sure miss those days. I then couldn't help myself, so I went back over to check out her shop and drool over the sweet baby pictures, and found some more pretties using ribbons from the shop...

I love this gray pleated ribbon anyway, but here with the center focal it is sublime.
And look at this pretty violet headband, I know my purple girl would be in heaven with this one! These are just a few samples, her shop is a feast for the eyes, if you want to find something really special (or just drool over really darling babies) just head on over to you won't be disappointed! xo