Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Product In!!

I am so excited that my new product has been arriving! I have gotten about 4 new shipments that I have not yet had a chance to list, but I took some time yesterday to get some of it photographed and I am going to start listing this week. A sneak peak at of of the new products I am so excited to start carrying, this fantastic new metallic velvet!!! Oooh la la it is sooooo luscious! I got it in several colors, this is the violet. I know this is going to go beautifully with the glass glitter, I get twitterpated just thinking about it! I also got in some new colors and sizes in velvets, a shipment from crafty secrets, a shipment from Prima, and some other assorted wonderful goodies. Being surrounded by all of the goodness has made me positively creative! I just made an adorable little gift bag from a paper lunch sack, and used some of the scalloped velvet from my shop and a new Prima flower. I will post a picture and instructions soon!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Again with that Swap-Bot!!!

I am just loving that swap bot!!! It has challenged me to think, and to make small things beautiful. It has challenged me to be creative at a time when my concentration is shot. But it has brought me so much more. It has brought me friendship, compassion, joy, and of course mail! My girls look forward to checking the mail to see if any of "mommy's friends" have sent us anything today. It has given us all something to look forward to. The sending is as much fun as the receiving. I put this package together for a partner who is a chef in NY. She loved it! The girls and I had so much fun chosing things to put in the package, and how to display them. H is going to to be my designer. She already wants to decorate everything! When she was about 4, she was carefully placing treasures in the middle of the table and I asked what she was doing, and she said "Mommy. I am making my centerpiece!" Mmmmmm wonder where she gets that from?