Saturday, October 18, 2008

New Inventory!

I have been adding new inventory to my shop as fast as my little fingers can fly, and as much as the little monkeys will let me! I still have so much more to add and more on the way!
What is new??? Well I will tell glitters, the most gorgeous and amazingly sparkly glass glitters. They are imported from germany, an old glass foundry still makes these wonderful quality glitters the old fashioned way. They are made from crushed "mercury glass" and contain real silver so they will tarnish to that fantastic aged antique patina that we all love so much. I have many colors available and will be adding more later, right now, two shades of pink, two shades of red, icy blue, silver, and green are all in and fully stocked. What else is new?? Flowers , flowers, and more flowers!!! I have the most wonderful millinery style flowers in glorious velvets. The pretty rhinestone center flowers are so delicate and vintage looking and come in 4 colors, and the velvet pleated flowers now come in 10 fantastic colors and I have them all listed in the shop!!! Not to mention the wool felt flowers, the paper flowers and the distressed foam flowers I have not had a chance to even add to the shop yet! Could you stand any more???? How about vintage french book pages? Oh yes I picked up a fair quanity of old french books and have made the most wonderful little packets out of those lovely old pages. I will be back soon to tell you about the new ribbons, laces, and trims, some will be regular store stock but some are great vintage finds and you will have to get them quick!

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