Monday, February 9, 2009

Tags, Tags Tags!!!

I love my stash of goodies, and getting lost in the studio for hours and hours, then coming up for air and admiring my completed projects. Kicking back in my chair, laying them all out in front of me, and smiling at all the pretties. Of course then I go get the hubby, drag him into the studio and make him admire them too! Recently I have discovered something else that brings a big smile to my face. I have two online shops now packed full of goodies ( and ) and have met alot of wonderful people through both. I have great customers, many of them repeat, repeat,repeat customers! Recently one of my really fabulous customers told me that some of her projects (made with my supplies ) were up in her shop. I just had to pop over and take a look....... OH MY GOODNESS!!! They are so gorgeous!!! I looked at all of the same supplies, and they never came together in my mind in such a beautiful elegant way. I spent quite a time looking at all of her lovlies and admiring her work. You should pop on over and visit her and tell her I sent you! These beautiful gray and cream tags are just one of her many fantastic creations.She has girly, girly, vintage inspired, valentines, and even some fun inspiration for your own projects!! Well worth the visit!!!

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