Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pretty Posie

A couple of months ago I had a new customer in my shop who ordered an armload of ribbons and trims. Her name was Posie. Isn't that a great name? Her spirit and enthusiasum (even through the internet) was infectious, and I couldn't help but think "Now why doesn't this gal live next door?"! She was recently back, and like your very best girlfriends, left me with a smile. This time I asked more about her shop and what she did with these goodies she was aquiring, she told me about her lovely bags. I buzzed on over to her shop and took at look at her wares. She does the most amazing collaberations of new and vintage items to make heirloom quality bags. I asked her to drop me a line when she used some of the new trims she bought from me so I could see them in her creations. She recently sent these photos to me, and I was just blown away! I saw no traces of the raw ribbons and trims she purchased from me in this glorious victorian inspired bag. After reading further in her description I was able to pick them out, but it surely proves that artistic vision has no limits. I have seen many beautiful things in my minds eye when looking at the same lovely trims but never have I seen them in this beautiful light. Thank you Posie for sharing your inspiration with me :o)

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