Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Product In!!

I am so excited that my new product has been arriving! I have gotten about 4 new shipments that I have not yet had a chance to list, but I took some time yesterday to get some of it photographed and I am going to start listing this week. A sneak peak at of of the new products I am so excited to start carrying, this fantastic new metallic velvet!!! Oooh la la it is sooooo luscious! I got it in several colors, this is the violet. I know this is going to go beautifully with the glass glitter, I get twitterpated just thinking about it! I also got in some new colors and sizes in velvets, a shipment from crafty secrets, a shipment from Prima, and some other assorted wonderful goodies. Being surrounded by all of the goodness has made me positively creative! I just made an adorable little gift bag from a paper lunch sack, and used some of the scalloped velvet from my shop and a new Prima flower. I will post a picture and instructions soon!


April said...

twitterpated...what a good word :) I am rainbowafterrain81 on swapbot and wanted to let you know your profile LP was send out yesterday...so it is on its way from indiana!!!

Jules of Whimsicalnotions blog said...

I too have found a home ion swapbot,i will think of you as i try to move forward in my divorce and i will keep on swapping.Its better to think on ribbons and paper than all my troubles/
Hugs to one of my favourite swapbot partners

Fleur de Bee said...

I can't see the photo very well but it looks like heaven!! I am working with the velvet ribbon I purchased from you now on a bird themed craft. I'll post photos when done and credit your blog!

Hope all is well!
Molly xo