Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Block Party!!

Initial side, inked, distressed and embossed

stamping and embossing on vintage music paper

Distressed collage

Remember, inked and distressed

vintage music paper, washi tape, stamped, inked and embossed

3 dimentional collage on top of block.
all edges inked and embossed.
I recently participated in an altered block swap. I have altered almost anything I could get my hands on, but I had never altered a block before now. I loved the concept, and the theme "vintage", and as sender's choice I got to interpret than however I wished. I first found (ok, liberated from my stash, because yes, I do have an entire tub of vintage children's blocks in my studio. I have owned them at least 5 years but never used one before now) a block with my partner's initial, and decided to work off of that. I covered all sides but the one with the initial with vintage foreign language music paper. From there I inked, distressed, altered, stamped, collaged, antiqued, and embossed. I themed it after my partner's preferences, and was pleased with the results. It was fairly simple as I wanted the elements to stand alone without being overpowered with something too busy for the diminutive size.


cestMoi Sandy said...

Love that block!
but, I am not going to make it (lol)
I have a list of to do and wanna do's as long as my arm.
Nice to see that you posted again!

Whimsicalnotions said...

love this cant wait to do mine in the swap,I too have had some blocks put away,As you do hehe