Thursday, February 11, 2010


I attended CHA for the first time this year! I had so much fun! With everything that has gone on over the last 6 months, it has been my salvation to have this business. It keeps my mind and my fingers busy. I flew down to San Diego, and Mimi picked me up. We headed up to LA the next morning and spent 2 days from morning to night covering all the territory we could. We saw all kinds of new products, and did some really run make and takes. I got to see the fabulous Tim Holtz in person. That guy was all over the show! He was at Ranger, Sizzix, his own booth, he had to be exhausted! My favorite make and take was from his booth, we made some fantastic necklaces from some of his new parts and pieces. I will post a pic of it in the next few days. I came away with some new vendors, some new products and a whole lot of new inspiration! I also got to meet some of my current vendors, with who I have only corresponded thru e-mail. It was funny, when I first named my etsy shop, ChristopherPines, it was after our property. Our last name is Christopher and we live in the pines. You cannot change your name with etsy, so I have kept it. I had 3 vendors who I already order from tell me they thought I was a man named Christopher Pines! I never even thought they would assume that! It was a fun experience. I was glad to get to spend it with Mimi. We have been so busy with kids, and life, we haven't had any real girl time in a long time. I teasingly dubbed her my designer. She could actually be a great designer with her eye. She has alot of talent. I got my very first package from my CHA orders in the mail today and I am excited to start adding all the new goodies to the shop. I had better get a move on, because more is on it's way!! Keep checking the shop for the new arrivals!

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