Sunday, February 14, 2010

Swap-Bot........Have you heard of it?

About 8 months ago, I was noticing some odd requests from some of my customers. They would purchase something and I would get a request like " please enclose a note that says from your swap-bot partner xyz, or from your etsy favorites on swap-bot" I finally asked one of my customers what the heck this swap-bot thing was. She directed me to the site and a new addiction was born. When I first joined I was amazed at all of the cool swaps you could join and I crazily jumped in with both feet. After getting a few swaps under my belt and figuring out what swaps really interested me, I started joining some groups. Groups are generally set up on a theme or common interest and group memebers can participate in swaps for that group. Two of my favorite groups are Cotton Candy and Glitter, which is a group of gals who love shabby chic, vintages style, and the other one is Somerset Style, and is a group who appreciate the style of the Somerset magazine family. I joined a swap in the Somerset Style group where we took one of the templates that Somerset posts, and make it for our partner. My partner liked vintage, crazy quilts and steam punk. I had some scraps from a fantastic old crazy quilt, and I decided to us the shoe template and make a pair of fabulous slippers that my partner would love. She did too! I made the shoes from cream cardstock, I stamped vintage script on the insoles and inked the edges. I covered the toes with vintage crazy quilt pieces, trimmed them with black baby pom pom trim, black seambinding ribbons and some "steam punk" embellishments. I wrapped some extra surprises with black tulle and tucked them into the toes so the edges poked out. This was a really fun challenge. I would have probably not attempted it on my own, but in the swap I got to try something new and have fun with it. In doing so I discovered something that I really like. I already have ideas of more "shoes" I want to make. I even joined a new shoe swap, this time with a Marie Antoinette them. I am having dreams of brocade, and lush velvet ribbons and fancy millinery flowers. I can't wait to get started!


Agnetha said...

I'm following your blog from the Swap-bot followers blog swap 2.


Katie Bishop said...

I am following your blog too from Swapbot blog swap 2, katiejpbishop

By, Kelly Han said...

Adding you to my list from 'Be my blog follower on BLOGGER 2 on swap-bot'. you have a great Blog! love the way you write and your obviously very creative!

eviebits said...

Why, yes - I have heard of swap-bot. In fact, I am following you now as part of the Be my Blog Follower swap. (my name is eviebits over there, too.) I just discovered swap-bot as well (through my sister) and it's helping me to connect with people and develop some of my lesser-used crafty skills.

I love the shoes you made - they are so pretty! I look forward to following you and seeing more of you on swap-bot.

Laura said...

I'm also following you from the Blogger 2 Swap on Swapbot. I go by KountryGurl on Swap bot.

Cherylann said...

What a delightful idea I'm going to have to check some groups out

I am your blog follower on BLOGGER 2


Patty Davidson (Just Letter Rip) said...

I'm from Be My Blog Follower on BLOGGER 2 at Swap-bot also.

My name there is stardust4821.

I have a mail art/ letter writing blog called "Just Letter Rip". Check it out if you like.

This girl said...

I love swapbot!!! Definitely addicted. This is Amy aka awhimofmine from Be my blog follower 2 on swapbot :)

Fleur de Bee said...

Oh my!! I MUST jump on the "bot"! I think I have it bookmarked to watch but I have just been too busy! I am loving your pompom trim. Trying to figure out what to make just to purchase some haha! I will have to join the swaps YOU are in just to swap with you! I LOVE everything you have and with such good taste how could one go wrong with your treats?!!

xo Molly