Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Wonder-ful Wednesday

I have to confess I have a small (maybe not so small) addiction to subscription boxes. I have tried and gifted everything from lifestyle boxes, to beauty products....and have tried to narrow it down to just my favorites. Recently a new box showed up on the market and I was fascinated. Most subs (that's the lingo for us addicts) have a general description of contents,,,beauty products, lifestyle, fitness, clothing, geek etc..but this new box....promises.....and adventure. An adventure? A box of wonder from Wonder and Company where they encourage you to "unbox a story....and wonder what if?" How can one not be intrigued by such a query? Today I received a mysterious little package in the mail...approximately 9 inches long it was an average looking brown box, but the stamp on the side gave me a clue that this was no ordinary package.
Wonderful Objects it I opened the box carefully...
Opening the box finds a parcel wrapped in tissue paper..
The contents unwrapped, all coordinate, hint at a surprise still to come...
This faux advertising flyer for Icarian Flight School (Icarus in Greek mythology who made wings of wax and flew too close to the sun) It features a beautiful old fashioned/steampunkesque graphics and tear off tabs at the bottom for things like "jet pack" and "hot air balloon".
There was also this interesting receipt..for flight lessons and flight goggles, indicating payment due of 3 white crow feathers (fallen not plucked)
And these amazing googles! They are metal with a fabulous faux painted patina. They have dark glass lenses. These are fantastic! They just feel so..special! I tried them on and the lenses are super dark and gave my lights a green tint. 
The last thing in the box was this little paper note...
The note says Dear Friend,
The wonderful objects you requested are soaring your way soon.
That means, this is not even my box of wonder....this is just the prelude to my box of wonder!!! Can you even imagine??? I am so excited!!! I can't wait to see what comes "soaring my way soon"!
Any guesses?

The details....
Unbox a Story with Wonderful Objects subscription mystery box for whimsical adults delivered every three months and filled with high quality wonderful objects designed to ignite your imagination.

$72.00 - $259.00
FREE shipping
So far I am impressed!

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Danielle Mack said...

I'm trying to purchase some trims from you over on ETSY. I sent you a message request for an order. Please let me know.